Wednesday, February 17, 2010

self portrait.............take two it is. it sucks! i'm posting both to show comparison. i like the first one better.

there is some sold, detailed stuff in my new one. i like the new colours i put in, but it doesnt look like me, it looks like i drew my eyebrows on [didnt know i messed that up...didnt mean to smooth them out, ahhk dont know when that happened]........and the lighting under the eyebrows looks like makeup. the eyes, the nose and the blending is super cool! but the lips look pasted on on the top ya.

can u tell im not happy with it? its nice as a painting on its own, but its not what i wanted on my self portrait. i stand by my first one. i hope i get good marks though, cuz i blended and put planes on everything to make them happy. so whatever! ahhh!

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