Thursday, February 11, 2010

Character Design

Kim possible assignment!

I made a pirate. I saw there were ninja's, so the story i thought up of was that kim would dress herself up as a ninja to sneak into their lair...and while she's there, thats the minute the pirates decide the attack the she's caught in the war! she fights this pirate, and takes off her mask trying to yell at him that she's not a ninja and he's like wtf mate and keeps fighting her and then after she convinces him she's on his side she helps fights the ninjas and then they have a victory make out session. hozaa.

my first idea was to make him a jack sparrowy like pirate, so he could have wavy hair but i rele wanted wavy puffy sleeve ends on the pirate and i thought it was tacky with the hair. he came out less pretty then i wanted, but maybe kim was into more bad guys before she dated ron.

anyways, here's three versions...linework, colour, and more colour. i forgot to do expressions ^^;;;

for my skeleton/muscle assignment, i was going to do appa from avatar, but i couldn't find a large enough image and i didn't want to redraw him myself. here's what i've ended up with. i want to do the bird morso, i love his design, and actually made something like that out of paper mache in grade 12 as my final assignment. i like bird...dragon...things. but the wings might be a cope out, i don't know how those will work. im going to show werner and see how that goes. graves doesn't mind either way. kingdom hearts love for the win!

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