Tuesday, June 8, 2010


hilo world i've been ignoring!

so i haven't updated...in forever. so much for keeping up a blog. but look what i did! i'm part of a blog with a few of my friends in my class called Team Pocket. it's....going. to say the least. it made me do a fan art. here it is...


and now i have a deviantart! its what ive been concentrating on. i have my animation class going, so new work is going into that, so i decided to start putting up my stuff since HIGHSKOOL. yeeeeesh. some of the stuff is about 9 years old! its gonna be ugly, but it makes me feel good! ppl should really join devinatart!...cuz ppl are already favourite-ing me, and it makes me feel awesome. i was never a show off in high school, i mostly hid my drawings, i was shy and never thought i was good enough. i still don't think so, but i'll get there, and people are appreciating the work i did so long ago.

it really pays off, to me, and now i wanna do more. people i don't know, who can barely draw [ahahhaha....im not mean], are motivating me to do more work and put stuff up. it's phenomenal. who woulda thought it?

anyways, ill go do my homework now.


p.s. also i'm supposed to join some grade blog too...it's crazy. i need to learn how to multi-post.