Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Onward to the final month of this semester. Hoooooly.

Hopefully I will live, attempting to finish everything up. There's alot to do, and as exciting as some of the assignments are, I'm hoping I'll have the time to put the amount of work I'd like to.

Here's to hoping! Wish me luck.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

im alive!

the animation centre started this weekly challenge thing. first week was batman. its pretty awesome, they leave the display case open and we put stuff in. here were my submits::::

p.s. SNEAKY BUTT BATMAN!! is a joke...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Heavy Ball Lift

summer semester - 4th assignment - heavy ball lift

p.s. not my character design. i gave him a hat instead of that being his eyeline to make him look different from everyone elses at least. also, i gave him eyes.

Final Step Up Step Down

summer semester - 3rd assignment - step up step down

p.s. it's supposed to be a humanoid version of toothless from how to train your dragon...ish

Final Broad Jump

summer semester - second assignment - broad jump

Final Jump

summer semester - first assignment - jump

summer art!

look! i'm updating! so none of my animations want to load on blogspot. im going to have to make smaller versions of them i think.

here is some art i've been sketching quickly for the last bit, coloured them quickly WITH MY MOUSE...cept the first one...do not judge me! haha.

very short sketches, less then an hour. not amazing, but at least im drawing for fun!

Tegan and Sara - Feeling in my bones fanart
watercolour and pen...yeah there are proportion issues, damn ink!

Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle:
i lost all my cool brushes, i worked with what i had! also...apparently layers fail.

Mal from Inception:
went to draw a downward perspective...then changed my mind. haha!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


hilo world i've been ignoring!

so i haven't updated...in forever. so much for keeping up a blog. but look what i did! i'm part of a blog with a few of my friends in my class called Team Pocket. it's....going. to say the least. it made me do a fan art. here it is...


and now i have a deviantart! its what ive been concentrating on. i have my animation class going, so new work is going into that, so i decided to start putting up my stuff since HIGHSKOOL. yeeeeesh. some of the stuff is about 9 years old! its gonna be ugly, but it makes me feel good! ppl should really join devinatart!...cuz ppl are already favourite-ing me, and it makes me feel awesome. i was never a show off in high school, i mostly hid my drawings, i was shy and never thought i was good enough. i still don't think so, but i'll get there, and people are appreciating the work i did so long ago.

it really pays off, to me, and now i wanna do more. people i don't know, who can barely draw [ahahhaha....im not mean], are motivating me to do more work and put stuff up. it's phenomenal. who woulda thought it?

anyways, ill go do my homework now.


p.s. also i'm supposed to join some grade blog too...it's crazy. i need to learn how to multi-post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

im alive

look! i'm not dead! another bluestein line art, coloured by moi. i think the goal was to mostly get rid of the line art...but he didn't, so i didn't! hozaa!

Friday, March 12, 2010

just for fun

needed to relax, and try to get some creativity out of my head. i know it's just traced, but i like it. it's too bad it didn't shoe it was a lace bandage, but oh well. either way--- i'll post my other stuff soon, probably when i'm trying to get ready for the yearbook stuff. hopefully ill get stuff in in time. ill make myself, i wanna have my own pages in a book XD

life has been giving me a hard time lately, and i'm trying to get better.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alpha Caricature

Here is Alpha from Dollhouse. Or Wash from Firefly. Or from Death at a Funeral. Or Alan Tudyk.

Here's the main picture I used...

So, anyone can tell this is rushed. Especially the colours. the background is a piece of bs, but i still like it. i would have liked to have had the time to do this better. I do love him, and he is not sexy enough here hahha ^___^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

self portrait.............take two

hozaa.....here it is. it sucks! i'm posting both to show comparison. i like the first one better.

there is some sold, detailed stuff in my new one. i like the new colours i put in, but it doesnt look like me, it looks like i drew my eyebrows on [didnt know i messed that up...didnt mean to smooth them out, ahhk dont know when that happened]........and the lighting under the eyebrows looks like makeup. the eyes, the nose and the blending is super cool! but the lips look pasted on on the top half...so ya.

can u tell im not happy with it? its nice as a painting on its own, but its not what i wanted on my self portrait. i stand by my first one. i hope i get good marks though, cuz i blended and put planes on everything to make them happy. so whatever! ahhh!

Life Drawing Week 5

-In Class-

suck...lol i was talking to him about stuff, i didnt rele get alot of time to draw, mostly boxes as u can tell.


did them during class...boxes are easier with conte..haha. i likes them. theyre alot funner to do when using newsprint. i think i might take this up more often. i dont know why i have trouble applying this to a sketchbook with pencil. hmmm o_O

-Extra Life-

didn't really do boxes and skeletons this week. liked this the best.

i only got 2 torso studies worth studying done...so i wanna do a study on this, even tho it was a short pose. its pretty crazy. also i liked that it was a side view.

torso studies...havent done the muscles....im sort of dying. ill get to them, cuz i think shes torsos are pretty awesome. if i see this model again, im gonna ask him to do this pose. i havent even sent these to werner yet >___<;;;

Life Drawing Week 4

week 4 life drawing...not much to say. i didnt get too good of a review on these drawings, cuz the cafe drawings suck. i thought the extra life stuff was rele awesome, i photoshoped stuff together cuz i forgot to draw them all on one page. so la....

had fun drawing this girl, name is Helen. i rele like these...working on messiness.....>__<

-In Class-


tried painting for fun, i was having issues with the boxes and did that. did not take this will.

-Torso Studies-

going back to my old way of doing hte muscle studies. this one isnt as pretty. and i know the poses are kinda freaky, but this model is rele skinny, i drew what i saw >___< lol but she is awesome. she did these cuz i asked her too. shes cool i hope i kepe getting her. haha.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


so you know that whole catching up idea? yeah...not happening. horray for long weekends making me think i can relax.

Friday, February 12, 2010

week 3

-Extra life-
boxes, skeleton, and figure drawing in a row, different poses

continuing with boxes

-Torso Studies-
2 muscle studies, thought they were for an assignment, posting the drawing and the muscle versions, the drawings are nice, except the pelviss... ^^

Thursday, February 11, 2010

barber shop

first layout...barber shop. messy, as always, but that was probably the toughest week of skool ever. i was rele down, and didnt have time to clean this up as much as i wanted. i cleaned in photoshop for the second part, to do it's lighting [shade it], which was pretty sloppy too. i forgot my notes, and i guess i didn't fully understand the assignment. either way, i like my layour, and thot it was rele different compared to alot of ppl.

the shading was alot darker on my monitor. it looked closer to black and white. this looks pretty cool though. i wanted to use blue instead of black for the hell of it. very simple compared to alot of ppls, but thats okay!

Character Design

Kim possible assignment!

I made a pirate. I saw there were ninja's, so the story i thought up of was that kim would dress herself up as a ninja to sneak into their lair...and while she's there, thats the minute the pirates decide the attack the ninjas...so she's caught in the war! she fights this pirate, and takes off her mask trying to yell at him that she's not a ninja and he's like wtf mate and keeps fighting her and then after she convinces him she's on his side she helps fights the ninjas and then they have a victory make out session. hozaa.

my first idea was to make him a jack sparrowy like pirate, so he could have wavy hair but i rele wanted wavy puffy sleeve ends on the pirate and i thought it was tacky with the hair. he came out less pretty then i wanted, but maybe kim was into more bad guys before she dated ron.

anyways, here's three versions...linework, colour, and more colour. i forgot to do expressions ^^;;;

for my skeleton/muscle assignment, i was going to do appa from avatar, but i couldn't find a large enough image and i didn't want to redraw him myself. here's what i've ended up with. i want to do the bird morso, i love his design, and actually made something like that out of paper mache in grade 12 as my final assignment. i like bird...dragon...things. but the wings might be a cope out, i don't know how those will work. im going to show werner and see how that goes. graves doesn't mind either way. kingdom hearts love for the win!