Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Drawing Week 4

week 4 life drawing...not much to say. i didnt get too good of a review on these drawings, cuz the cafe drawings suck. i thought the extra life stuff was rele awesome, i photoshoped stuff together cuz i forgot to draw them all on one page. so la....

had fun drawing this girl, name is Helen. i rele like these...working on messiness.....>__<

-In Class-


tried painting for fun, i was having issues with the boxes and did that. did not take this will.

-Torso Studies-

going back to my old way of doing hte muscle studies. this one isnt as pretty. and i know the poses are kinda freaky, but this model is rele skinny, i drew what i saw >___< lol but she is awesome. she did these cuz i asked her too. shes cool i hope i kepe getting her. haha.

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