Thursday, February 11, 2010


my two first animations w00t! posted them on facebook already but i want them here too.

first is the erector man jump...i was pretty lost with this assignment and animation in general, i didn't do in betweens, i had tried to make his belly hit his head at first...didnt work. 2nd years helped me with this and my second animation, so i dont think i completely failed. i failed the assignment cuz of the lack of drawings but before that i got okay on it, i was impressed haha. i think its funny.

second, i worked on this one! i heart my penguin, and i thot it was fun to do. the beginning is too fast, he gets scared and rushes into his jump. alot of ppl wanted me to make him flap in the air, but i wanted it to look like he didn't know he was going to drop that far. and at the end it's not clear, but he smacks himself in the face to make him not bounce back to hit himself on the floor again. hes so cute. im hoping i can make all my animations fun like this, so ill _want_ to do it. yay

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