Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Drawing Week 5

-In Class- i was talking to him about stuff, i didnt rele get alot of time to draw, mostly boxes as u can tell.


did them during class...boxes are easier with conte..haha. i likes them. theyre alot funner to do when using newsprint. i think i might take this up more often. i dont know why i have trouble applying this to a sketchbook with pencil. hmmm o_O

-Extra Life-

didn't really do boxes and skeletons this week. liked this the best.

i only got 2 torso studies worth studying i wanna do a study on this, even tho it was a short pose. its pretty crazy. also i liked that it was a side view.

torso studies...havent done the sort of dying. ill get to them, cuz i think shes torsos are pretty awesome. if i see this model again, im gonna ask him to do this pose. i havent even sent these to werner yet >___<;;;

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