Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 2 Cafe

i've had this tiny sketchbook for awhile, and decided to start using it. its fun, i'm less pressured to fill the page and such, and i seem to compose more or feel like making it an entire artwork, not just crappy little sketches here and there. i find when i'm thinking it's homework, i become less original and creative, so my sketchbooks are kinda meh, but with my sketches i doodle in class, theyre so pretty looking! im trying to get that with my cafe drawings, feel more free and make it look like a full artwork. this sketchbook has made that happen, so far. i havnt done much to be honest. im kinda behind...>O<.

last year an illustrator came into seneca and lectured about his art, and showed how he colours his tiny sketchbook with water colour pencil crayons with a brush that holds water inside it. i thought it was awesome, so i got some but i found it annoying to carry around so i gave up. at sketchjam i saw juan kind of did the same thing with that brush but holding a tiny watercolour set, and now i'm trying that because it's brilliant.

i only tried the colouring once. it was rele fun.


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