Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 2 Cafe Body Worlds

so here are my "in class" body world sketches. it was creepy and cool, and even though i was inspired, i found i was more intimidated. all the lines made me dizzy, and while i was drawing i had a hard time thinking straight. therefore, gesture, proportion, and vital other things to make a study sketch "solid" are kind of missing...i'm not that proud of most of them.

they look stiff, amateur-ish, and just weird. when the body was all opened up, i was thinking more about omg-that-guys-ribs-are-opened-up-that's-so-cool-i-can't-believe-it's-a-dead-body-that's-so-awesome-maybe-i-should-donate...instead of attempting to draw a rib cage and pelvis or even just boxed so my drawing would be okay. i just couldn't see them when there's someone's spine bending out of their body straight at me so i can see their brain. lol.

i most likely seem extremely unprofessional right now, but that's okay. come on, dead posed bodies! haha...either way, i learned alot, and i had a good time, but it was hard to push through. i was aware of what mindset i was in, and kept working to get over my "awe" and just draw accurate drawings i can study from later. i don't know how that's going to go.

i'm happy i saw all this early though, and tried to get over it, and that i see my mistakes, and am not just thinking "they're good enough...." when people tell me they are. i'm trying to get better, not be a pessimistic, even though it seems that way. kk, i'll stop talking. i did try to work hard on these though.


-Week 2-
-In Class/Body Worlds-

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